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The Coerce Value Callback callbacks will be used by the property system to coerce a value in accordance to the logic you declare, but a coerced value of a locally set property will still retain a "desired value" internally.

If the constraints are based on other property values that may change dynamically during the application lifetime, the coercion constraints are changed dynamically also, and the constrained property can change its value to get as close to the desired value as possible given the new constraints.

This topic assumes that you understand the basic scenarios of implementing a dependency property, and how metadata is applied to a custom dependency property.

See Custom Dependency Properties and Dependency Property Metadata for context.

If the validation callback is invoked by any of these operations, and returns , then an exception will be raised.Application writers must be prepared to handle these exceptions.A common use of validation callbacks is validating enumeration values, or constraining values of integers or doubles when the property sets measurements that must be zero or greater.The following is very brief example code for just one of the three dependency properties that illustrate this relationship.The example shows how the public static readonly Dependency Property Current Reading Property = Dependency Property.

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