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Protection orders seek to prevent further violence from occurring rather than dealing with previous violence by way of punishment.

Protection orders come under civil law with the potential for criminal action if there is a breach of a protection order.

Some women may be pressured into agreeing to withdraw the protection order application in return for the respondent signing an undertaking that they will basically be of good behaviour towards the aggrieved.

Women should be aware that such undertakings do not have any legal weight and there are no penalties if the agreement is broken.

Alternatively she can attach a note to the application with her address on it.In most instances where it is a police application the Woman has no power to stop the order from proceeding.The police are unlikely to withdraw an application fro an order if they believe a Woman is in some danger.Police Prosecutors are located at Magistrates Courts and can present the aggrieved spouses application to the court.If a Woman wishes to have the police prosecutor represent her she will need to tick this on the protection order application.

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