Who was laura prepon dating

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She said that the sudden interest in her dating life took some getting used to but she has “absolutely nothing to hide.”“If I was in a relationship I was happy with, I’d love to talk about it.

There won’t be a video this week - taking some quality time with the fam before Labor Day. That is huge." @Laura Prepon on #OITNB's impact on the LGBTQ community thr.cm/Cl M8LM pic.twitter.com/GNr VZz Jzfc Had a little spot on the final season of Orange is the New Black.

People are even asking if Taylor Schilling is pregnant.

Does Taylor Schilling have a boyfriend or girlfriend? The actress entered the major league with OITNB but with it came the constant speculation of her romantic life. OITNB was Netflix’s first major success in original content and was considered to be very radical for its approach to female sexuality a few years ago.

Schilling keeps her personal life private, though there is constant scrutiny of her every action. Schilling was often asked about how it felt to kiss a girl on the show.

Prepon has also received much critical praise in recent times for her role as Alex Vause in the long-running Netflix comedy-drama series Orange Is the New Black (2013–present).

In addition to her illustrious television career, Laura Prepon has also had a number of movie features.

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