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Also, Gordon had threatened me for so long about what would happen if I told anyone what he did to me behind closed doors that I was still terrified he might find a way to harm me, or my family.For the longest time, I did not understand that abuse is a universal horror that happens to women of every race, religion and social class.He did so to make me the strong person I am today, so that I could help other women to escape their abusers and also have the chance to start their lives over. I thought I could just wake up one morning and say, “Today is the first day of the rest of my life.Today I’m starting over.” I didn’t realize all of the difficulties that life presents us on a daily basis, and that starting over isn’t something that we do once in a lifetime; it’s something we do on a continuous basis, by learning from our mistakes, until we eventually become the people we will be.Every day was a blessing, and I couldn’t wait to wake up each morning to hear my sister Rebbie singing Mandy Patinkin’s version of the song “When the Red Robin Comes Bobbin Along.” Even though my more famous siblings’ performances were already filling arenas at that point, nothing made me happier than hearing Rebbie croon that special song just for me. My brothers’ fame, as well as the Jehovah’s Witness religion with which Mother raised us, meant that we were isolated when I was growing up.This was especially true of Rebbie, Michael and I, who were the most devout.

It truly is the most wonderful feeling to finally be free from the misery of my prior life.

For almost a decade, Gordon controlled me with a campaign of brutalization and manipulation, beating me several times a week, threatening my life and the lives of my family members, and proving he had the mob ties to carry out his most violent promises.

As is very common with abusers, he also isolated me from anyone I loved, who might have come to my aid or inspired me to rebel against him.

“I really don’t wish to talk about it, Larry, because it’s negative energy, and I don’t like it,” I said. “I promised I wouldn’t speak about this because it brings such negativity that I don’t wish to go through again,” I said.

While that negative energy line had worked on everyone else, it didn’t work for Mr.

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