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Respect, gratitude, and congratulations to you all!

Reposting this lil’ snap of some of the people who made this past month or so so freakin’ epic and laugh-filled...

It’s a feature spotlighting what’s known as the “60’s Scoop” here in Canada – Google it, seriously – and all kinds of challenging circumstances and themes including personally, professionally and romantically contraindicating loyalties, teen pregnancy, race and gender inequality, failed parenting strategies and government corruption just for starters.

These are small and arguably superficial details, sure, but I think they add up. 📷 #Historic Homes Of The Future #Trouble In The Garden | #Shadowhunters #Love On Safari #Writing #Short Stories… By: Jamie Steinberg Q) What are the recent projects that you are working on? We’ve got new characters, new plot developments, new stunt people, new showrunner(s), a darker, sexier tone, it goes on and on… Q) As the season progresses, how might dynamics flip or switch? Literally skating circles around me – backwards and smiling no less – while I struggle just to get acquainted with these things. #Shooting Our Own Movie #BTS #Of #AFamily Under The Christmas Tree #My Costars Are Animals #Be They Sentient Or Stuffed… I’m told this sign – swipe left – has something to do with protecting all of these fancy picture houses by wearing “booties” over our shoes, butt, Luke Roessler and I are rather literal…

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