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Soon after, he began to get bookings for small parts on television.

Although the film was widely condemned and a disaster at the box office, Elijah was praised as the only good thing to come out of it. An avid music fan, Wood founded Simian records and released its first album, New Magnetic Wonder by The Apples in Stereo, in 2007.

: A Critical Madness (1986), which was a then-newly released, straight-to-video release.

He said that it was what made him fall in love with horror films, that it remains one his all-time favorite horror movies, and that he has introduced it to several of his friends over the years.

If you wonder how old he is, Elijah Wood is 30 years old. There is a rumor now saying that Elijah Wood has cancer, it hasn't yet been proven false or true.

Woo~ ;3 NOTE: According to both Wikipedia and IMDB, Elijah Wood is 5'6" tall.

You'd go on to a sound stage and Peter [director Peter Jackson] would make a speech about each actor and then bring in their sword and a clapperboard. When it came time for me to give a speech, I was so gone I just couldn't do it.

He has an older brother, Zach, and a younger sister, Hannah Wood.

Wood's work in Peter Jackson's film adaptations of J. However, she was told that he looked too young next to her, and the role went to Adrian Grenier.

Immediately, he sensed that this was the chance of a lifetime.

Director George Huang, a personal friend of Wood's, filmed his audition tape for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

He shot the scene from different angles which were cut together for the video.

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