Who is brooke davis dating on one tree hill

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Her parents spoiled her constantly, trying to make up for their failed attempt at marriage.What happens when Brooke's mother dies in a car accident, leaving her to live with her father, his girlfriend, & his girlfriends son? It's Halloween in Tree Hill, and a party at Peyton's house, brings out lots of good fun.Throw in his devious and manipulative sister Peyton Sawyer, Best friend Nathan Scott and you have some major Drama! Now she's come back to raise her daughter in her childhood home.Brooke's house is sold, a new family moves to Tree Hill, what troubles will they bring with them. There's only one person who has been there for her all along, but what will it take for her to realize he's all the home she needs?Lucas and NAthan both like Brooke and she doesn't know what to do.maybe everything will be resolved on Halloween night. Brooke Davis is a social outcast, but what happens when she becomes the object of a bet by her long time crush Lucas? It wasn't supposed to work and it didn't, but when Brooke has to come back to Tree Hill for a funeral will their loved be rekindled or it 4 years too long? Some LH, JB, maybe JPNine years ago, Brooke Davis left Tree Hill. But if he does not sleep with me after this, it is your fault. Haley: I think I'm okay with that [Phone buttons beeping, Brooke laughs] Peyton: What?

began her journey as a shallow, self-centered, kind of slutty cheerleader."Happiness comes in many forms-in the company of good friends, in the feeling you get when you make someone else’s dream come true, or in the promise of hope renewed.----------------------------------------------season 5 episode 1 - 4 years, 6 months, 2 days- ---------------------------------------------Brooke: Guys. There is no way she gets on the cover of my magazine unless she gains 10 pounds, minimum. But as time progressed, we learned what's under the clothes.Brooke ended the series as one of the most well-rounded and intricate characters.

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