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The fact that “Planet Rock Radio” is still relentlessly advertising their pathetic take on a so called dating site is absolutely disgusting, and I have to instantly switch over when I hear it. My advice is all ways read terms if the last bit reveals the name ventro white label.

If you think you’re signing up to communicate with “real human beings” who also listen to similar music, I have news for you, you aren’t. Instead it nice looking middle class ladys in evening gowns sparkling hand bags holding glasses of proseco!! They are probably the ones who run this company and the government such as it is is just as bad for not takeing action! Or hubpeople get the hell out and don't look back!!!! Read Full Review As a female subscriber, I joined hoping to find someone likeminded, but the restrictions and nanny state policies imposed by the site (Global Personals) make it impossible to communicate with other members.

That being said, I overlooked these demeanor elements and had high hopes that the solution itself would be worth the lack of a true ‘service first’, mentality. By this time I am thinking clearly there are some big red flags for partnering my business with this company, but yet I still kept an open mind wanting to at least give this solution a thorough chance to see if it was a good fit.

So off I went…I took first steps to move our urls and get a plan put together to get our sites started so we could start brand building. My thoughts at that point were that, perhaps their systems were so good they can afford to have this, “You come to us mentality”.

White Label Dating® is the world’s leading online dating provider.

We help media brands, affiliates and entrepreneurs effortlessly create their own online dating site or network.

(In the middle of set up of our sites he left on a 2 week vacation without even so much as a courtesy email) Does that sound like something you can afford to have happen when it comes to starting a new business? We were offered free assistance to get our initial format and design set up.

This assistance was a comedy of errors from the word go. that I can NOT suggest White Label Dating for a game of frisbee, let alone to be your future business partner.

Cut out the middle man and set up your own cams site here and come thank me in 6 months!Diplomacy is for politicians not reviews sites and with that being said, here are my honest opinions about White Label Dating with White Label Dating as are on offer at White Label My first run in with WLD or White Label was in 2013 when I inquired about the process. Fast forward to early 2014 when I was again looking for a place to initially launch a few urls in a dating brand that we are a part of.As a male I thought I might have better luck with Planet Rock Dating but I couldn't find a single review other than someone mentioning that it was a 'White Label Site' i.e.including profiles from other sites such as 'Po F', which made me suspicious.

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