Validating telephone numbers nichkhun and victoria dating after wgm

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You have the correct number of digits for a valid number.In most cases, the phone number of a mobile phone remains the same.A valid phone number is a number that connects to a working telephone line.Country code 44 is the UK, and numbers beginning with 44 70 are personal "follow-me" numbers that can be forwarded to almost anywhere in the world.I have tried the above formula and many variations of it, but with no success. I gave it a try, but when I tested the formula it produced an error when I entered the phone number. An example in the UK would be 44 7700 900123, which is the (fictitious) UK mobile number 07700 900123 written in international format.

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You never know if it is just another call center representative or a dangerous scammer who is trying to phish your personal data or steal money. If you have encountered such a problem, please add this number to our database and leave a comment below.An unknown number sends you a message informing you that you have won a lottery or sweepstakes and you need to apply for the award.It could be also like a message from friend asking "how you feel" or "how are you"?Hello Master Excel Gurus I imagine this question has been asked before, but when I looked through other posts I didn't see a formula that would work for me. I was still able to enter a phone number as text without an error message being produced. I need a data validation formula for cell O8 that would only allow data entry users to enter a phone number in the format ###-###-####. I am hoping a simple formula like =OR(ISNUMBER(o8), o8="-")) might work, but I am also open to using named ranges.

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