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Edited by the Abbotsford, Bannatyne, Grampian, Hunterian, Spalding and New Spalding Clubs, and also the Scottish Text, Spottiswoode and Wodrow Societies. Edited by a key scholarly publisher of Scotland's literary history, and published from the late 19th century onwards by the Scottish Text Society. Full text versions of historical texts dating from the 12th to the 19th century. Based on the original of Thomas, Anglo-Norman poet.Note: Scotland is not a current independent nation and should therefore never appear in a "nation" field of a Familypedia form; please insert "United Kingdom" there and "Scotland" in the preceding field.You can use our search settings to find exactly who you're looking for.Whether you're looking to start dating in Glasgow, find that someone special for a date in Edinburgh or looking for Mr or Ms Right in Dundee, Scotland Social online dating has singles near you.Scotland Social is proud to be helping genuine singles across Scotland find love.Start your online dating adventure today with Scotland Social.

She was about to ask Aunt Judith, her erstwhile guardian, if she’d noticed the stranger’s pointed interest when a young, fair-haired woman, in a scandalously low-cut gown of scarlet and gold brocade, touched his arm in a familiar fashion before murmuring something in his ear.

There was something inexplicably compelling about him.

Even though he was some distance away, she could tell he was handsome beneath his black half-mask.

He stood perfectly still, his attention focused solely on her. With a lift of her chin, she turned her head away and directed her gaze back to Malcolm and his sister.

She could almost feel the weight of his gaze like a physical, intimate touch upon her—or so she imagined—and her cheeks grew hot, first with embarrassment and then silent indignation. But it was all for naught; her eyes kept straying to the man in black.

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