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The council today approves and monitors agency budgets, and can veto the governor’s pardons and appointments.

It is, in short, a state that takes participatory democracy seriously. He is a compact, genial retired labour economist who spent 32 years studying employment patterns at the Bureau of Labour Statistics in Washington, , before retiring to southern New Hampshire.

Most Democrats seem to understand that harbouring grudges this year could hand the White House back to Mr Trump.

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than ten minutes talking to a political junkie in New Hampshire, and you will hear some version of this old chestnut: Ask a New Hampshirite if he plans to vote for Candidate X for president, and he’ll say, “I don’t know; I’ve only seen her three times.” The Granite State holds the first presidential primary (Iowa selects a candidate a week earlier, but through caucuses rather than an election), so voters there expect, and receive in profusion, face-to-face contact with anyone who wants their vote.

During a recent five-day stretch, eight candidates popped up across the state, their appearances fostered by groups of dedicated local volunteers.

The 2016 primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders fractured friendships, and “bad feelings” lingered in 2008 between supporters of Mrs Clinton and Barack Obama.He has been politically active since attending an anti-war march in 1968, and has chaired the Rockingham County Democrats for seven years.Over breakfast at a country club in Atkinson, where Donald Trump held one of his last pre-election rallies, George Hamblen, a party chairman in the neighbouring town of Plaistow, credits Mr Drake with “building something out of nothing”.Mr Drake’s job entails building local party organs where none existed before, and persuading people to run for local office even though they will probably lose.It helps that he is a self-described “people person”, with a warm, patient manner and an easy laugh.

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