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The Warning Notice will contain the name and phone number of the officer who issued it.

This notice will put the owner or tenant of the property (or perhaps both) on notice that there is a problem and there is set amount of time to correct the problem.

Utility Locates (Statewide 1-800-478-3121) A plan review must be completed by the appropriate Fire Official.

For information about fire codes in the Central Mat-Su Fire Service Area visit the Fire Code Life Safety area of the Borough's website.

A citation can be contested and the instructions are provided on the back.

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The Citation will state the violation and the fines imposed.Responsible parties may be anyone who causes or knowingly allows violations to occur.Property owners are responsible for violations of code on their property.Upon receipt of a complaint, the Code Compliance Officer will issue a letter or call to inform the property owner (or other responsible party) that the borough received a complaint and request information to conduct an investigation into the complaint.If you are not sure what needs to be corrected, or believe your property is in compliance with borough code please contact the Code Compliance office to discuss the issue in more detail.

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