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From John's Will, we know that John Wright and Catherine Mc Farland had at least 3 children: Andrew, Matilda Jane, and Emily, probably in that order based on the sequence of dated images in the Kelly Album If there were more than these 3 children, the others likely died before John created his Will about 1885.. ); married on 26 June 1842 to Sarah Wright (PRONI MIC 583/26).This couple had children Sarah Anne, David, and James. Grey and bore at least one daughter, also Sarah Anne.Andrew Wright (son of John Wright), named in his father's 1885 Will, inheriting John's farm.There are several photos of Andrew Wright in the Kelly album.Renee Kelly, born 24 December 1935, married David Mc Cormick in April 1964.This couple has 2 children: Penelope Jane (born Frebruary 1965) and Alistair David (born 1969), both unmarried in 2012.

The Eglish Church records provide the following birth and death dates for the children of this couple: Mary Anne Kelly, born 1 February 1880 Emily Kelly and Matilda Kelly (twins), born 20 November 1882.Matilda Jane Wright, born about 1851, married on 21 August 1877 to Robert Kelly at the Minterburn Presbyterian Church in Aghaloo Parish, Northern Ireland (record from Roots Ireland, below; FHL has index only).Matilda died 19 December 1927 at age 78, Matilda's date and age from the Eglish church.Robert Kelly is mentioned in the 1883 Will of Joseph Kelly, but since Joseph mentions no other siblings, we might conclude there were no other siblings, at least none that survived until 1883. Com reads "Brown, William Canavan of Main-street Caledon, County Tyrone, died 10 August 1933. This couple had at least 6 children (from Ethel's obituary), namely Doris, Ivy, Jim, Renee, Hazel, and Heather.Robert was married to Matilda Jane Wright on 21 August 1877 at the Minterburn Presbyterian Church in Aghaloo Parish, Northern Ireland (record from Roots Ireland, above). Emily died 21 October 1940, aged 84 (headstone inscription at St. An abstract of the Will of William Canavan Brown is available on PRONI's website, listing only Emily and a man named John Wilkin as heirs to an estate of 108 10s. Renee Mc Cormick states that John Wilkin was a cousin of William C. William Canavan Brown, born about 1853 (from 1901 Irish census) married on 9 April 1888 to Emily Mary Wright (certificate below). An abstract of William's WILL from PRONI reads "Brown, William Canavan of Main Street Caledon county Tyrone retired clerk of petty sessions died 10 August 1933 Probate Belfast 1 March to John Wilkin farmer and Emily Mary Brown the widow. Probate Belfast to John Wilkin, farmer, and Emily Mary Brown, widow. James died 20 March 1963 at age 75, this date supplied by the Eglish Presbyterian Church. Doris Kelly, age 84 in 2013, hence born about 1929, married a Mr.

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