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For these, all users get "noms"—special ribbons reserved for those dishes you've tried and loved best.

But there’s a catch: Foodspotting states, "You only get 5 noms to start with and must earn the right to nom more foods after that!

This twist is one of creating artificial limits—specifically, character limits.Everything from gold and diamonds to "limited edition" candy bars to baseball cards prove this point. In most cases, we’re not dealing with physical goods, but rather with digital content that be copied or throttled as needed with little to no costs.Where everything is digital and scarcity should be a quaint notion, does this same idea hold true? Or get people to do more than just purchase something?Rather than review a restaurant, you can see and share favorite dishes at a restaurant. Let people know by taking a photo of the dish next time you eat there.Foodspotters, as Foodspotting users are called, love sharing these photos.

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