Push pull strategy dating

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Done well it makes outcomes more predictable and the complex understood across stakeholders fuelling better, earlier decision making, and better project outcomes.

For clients this should result in a greater number of assets being built and then maintained per £ spent.

Both government and industry should be able to use their buying power to get better deals amid greater certainty of requirements and what's in the project pipeline.The problems inherent in the UK's construction industry have been well documented - not least in a whole series of reports dating as far back as the 1930s - but 2011's Government Construction Strategy proved to be something of a turning point.At the heart of the strategy was a package of measures with Building Information Modelling (BIM) at its heart and a recognition that government, as a key client of UK construction, could drive change and get better value when spending public money.The group also had a role to play in terms of education and training.Crucially, the strategy was geared towards the majority and not the innovators and was designed to spur adoption.

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