Psychology and dating women maya moore dating

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Mating with a genetically different partner is thought to have survival value because it increases the genetic diversity of any child born as a result of such a tryst.

David Ley, in the article "Why Are Women Cheating More?

This is partly achieved by studying them in their roles of: One dynamic outlined by feminine psychologists is the balancing act that women partake in between the more traditional role of motherhood and the more modern one of a career woman.

Balancing the roles means attempting to satisfy both the need for personal achievement and the need for love and emotional security.

Such women may choose infidelity for the excitement it involves and the break in routine.

The additional income from work may both relieve some stress and give the mother the ability to provide greater advantages (education, healthcare) to her children.

It is not the time to become reactive and irritated.

Female sexuality differs from male sexuality in important respects.

To see that it is something much deeper and more profound. A lack of anything which is not pulled in a million-&-1 different directions when he sees a pretty girl.

From there, you must learn to decipher her actions and reactions to you through this filter.

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