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if they are jungle saplings) of dropping from leaf blocks when they decay or are destroyed.

There are six species of saplings, corresponding to the six main trees: oak, birch, spruce, jungle, acacia and dark oak.

Which sapling the bone meal is used on is irrelevant.

The largest jungle and spruce trees reach 31 blocks tall. Leaves and logs removed from a tree will not grow back over time.

However, do note that dirt blocks and logs may not prohibit tree growth, and in some cases may be replaced as a sapling makes an attempt to grow through them.

If multiple saplings are planted next to each other, each one will grow as long as the leaves from the other grown saplings do not block too much of the sunlight.

Most of the time, a single tree will have between one and six branches, and each branch will have between one and six logs.

Acacia tree branches do not cover their branches in this way.

In the End, they are a dull bluish-green, as in the mountains biome.Oak trees are unique in that they have the smallest space requirements, and along with dark oak trees can drop an apple when their leaf block is destroyed.They come in several variants with widely different properties: Oak trees require a 1×1 column of unobstructed space at least 4 blocks above the sapling to grow (5 blocks including the sapling itself).This means that a tree in an open field with enough light will grow relatively quickly, but a tree in a cramped tree farm that stunts its size may make several attempts before finally growing.Bone meal, when All saplings will grow normally in the Nether and in the End, although they must be planted in dirt transported from the Overworld and provided with sufficient light and space.

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