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Usually we will sit at several tables pushed together in front of Pho Viet's or Lollicup.We may be in the back of the food court if it is very busy.If you arrive early or can't find the group, please contact Seth or Masa, or leave a comment! B Line of the Green Line - Packards Corner (see map below) 2. every Wednesday (you will be asked for donation, however, it's not mandatory).Bus 57/57A - Brighton Ave @ Commonwealth Ave Brighton Avenue/Packards Corner This event is posted for information. It's a public open house of the art museum for everybody and is a great chance to get touch with Boston's art culture and see the masterpieces for free. Also, there is free live dressed model drawing program at the open house.Welcome to Boston Japanese and English Language Club!(日本語はこちら) ( connect language learners with native speakers of Japanese or English.

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Member dues are mainly used for the Meetup website cost which is 0 per year.

Ask at the admission desk where the drawing program is, because the location varies. Info: 注意事項 このイベントは文化交流が目的です。それ以外の目的の参加は認められません。ミートアップはナンパ、女性に対する誘惑を目的にしたグループや活動を禁止しています。 このイベントに初めて参加される方へ。このイベントはソーシャルネットのイベントです。しかし残念ながらイベントの主旨と違った目的で参加される方もいるかもしれません。特に女性の方はお気を付けください。 Note: If you are a new person for this event or this meetup, please be aware of that this is a social net activity and of that you are meeting strangers.

Especially if you are female, don't get a ride or go out until you become to know the person well.

No one to report back to on your each and every move, no strings holding you back from doing whatever the hell it is you want to do, and no predetermined person to end up in bed with. The world is your oyster, and Boston is flooded with opportunities for you to find your perfect pearl (even if you only want to keep it for one night and toss it out the next morning).

However there are a few bars in particular that are known for their "singles" crowd - places where you'll find a much greater proportion of people willing to, well, mingle.

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