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Parrillan, the latest addition to the Harts Group’s King’s Cross family of Barrafina, Casa Pastor, Plaza Pastor, and The Drop, fits the bill nicely: diners grill their own meat, vegetables and seafood (don’t miss the plump scallops) over coal at the table while nibbling on a selection of dishes Blind-date awkwardness killing the vibe?Fear not — Jackson Boxer’s Brunswick House is one giant conversation-starter.Since it opened in 2017 this neighbourhood restaurant has been quietly going about its business, serving stylish but substantial plates (homemade fettuccine, asparagus and pesto; poached pear with ganache) in a room that’s more than a touch #Accidentally Wes Anderson.The truffle chips lend themselves to a bit of knowing finger-licking, while the mid-century jazz and blues playlist is spot on. If it’s a yes, glasses of preserved-lemon fizz for everyone!

) But instead of paitballing or spoon-whittling, opt for cooking, then eating.

Dating in Manhattan is a famously cut-throat business.

For a little of the glamour without the brutal bits (scheduling issues, post-date feedback sessions), try Sette, the first London outpost of high-end New York Italian Scarpetta.

From its location (the Vauxhall gyratory) to the decor (bold, old and gold are the operative words here; it merges with the Lassco architectural salvage yard), there’s plenty to keep things going until the drinks kick in.

Then there’s the food, which never fails to delight and surprise: blushing longhorn rump, cep and watercress; roast figs and balsamic ice cream.

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