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The company will be responsible for funding any purchase so you have nothing to worry about. The funds will be used to purchase the software and other equipment needed to complete the setup of your mini office.

The supply agent has been working with our company for quite some time so they know what materials to send you. It's bs I know, but I'm going to make them go through the motions.

You are not the only one who has been scammed (or at least had an attempt made).

I, too, did not realize the importance of putting your resume on "private." This really cuts down on the amount of spam and scam attempts.

I felt so dumb afterwards like how could you be that gullible but all I can think is lesson learned and move on.

If it's on "private,' no one can view it unless you apply for their job. Since it was a work from home job, I at first didn't think Google Hangouts was that weird.

Of course, there is the risk that the job you may be applying for is a scam. I have a perm job now that barely makes it worth my commute into Philadelphia from New Jersey. I hate to say that even legit companies are taking advantage. I made almost ,000 MORE in 2005 before I got laid off from my job of 16 years. But they offered me the job almost on the spot, then started talking about sending me a check for office equipment, etc, sending up red flags.

However, it cuts down on who sends you messages "out of the blue." Usually only recruiters will send you job info because big companies have tons of people applying to their ad, so they don't have the need to go looking for a candidate. It's tough when you are out of work and something looks like a great opportunity when all it is is a scam. By the way, I should have said I was also replying to all of those who say they feel suckered, dumb, or stupid. Fortunately, I ended it before giving them any personal info. I applied for a job for a graphic designer position at a company in San Francisco.

But since I'm not the best at talking and interviewing, I liked the idea because it would give me a chance to really think about my answer, so I went with it.

The next day, they asked me a bunch of questions - maybe 20 questions that all seemed like legitimate graphic designer questions.

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