Online dating site for single parent

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That provides them with the chance to find love without encroaching on their duties as parents.

Every mom and dad out there deserves love so that they don’t feel lonely, though.

You could be waiting to pick up the kids from school or hanging out in your house while they are asleep. The website is also great for people that are conscious about the amount of money that they area spending.

The members of this site can use the mobile chat and dates to come to this site where single moms meet single dads and have a great time. When you use this dating site, you don’t start off with glamorous dates.

If you are still not convinced it is that easy, give Single Parent a try today for free!

Standard Membership Plan: The membership base at Single Parent is uniquely filled with many single parents and other singles that don't mind meeting someone who already has a child.

There are more males than females at Single Parent which is unusual as most online dating sites have more females.

Single Parent offers a standard membership plan for 1 or 6 months.

It is a bit unusual that they don't offer a 3 month plan, but their price is still less expensive for the 6 month plan than some other site's 3 month plans.

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