Mysql slave state invalidating

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That's not what a hack against 1Password, Last Pass, or similar product will look like.

When it happens, it will be because someone manages to commit to the VCS repository of one or more of their client applications (i OS, Android, desktop, etc.).

Remember to use the 64-byte hexadecimal hash, not the 32-byte binary because bcrypt chokes on null bytes.

Everyone's been saying "just use bcrypt", but bcrypt has too many gotchas to be the default choice.

I hit this on the last Yahoo hack go-round, and it seemed that having a name in the form ' F Lastname' (for example) disallowed use of the letter F in the password.

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There are user experience battles when talking about forcing a million users to change their passwords in a real system.

just making a joke.)Last time I tried changing my Yahoo password it took me days before it accepted something (and I had password generator scripts and my brain).

Now it's back to something along the lines of `letmein`.

I think it's best to allow longer passwords for those who use long phrases.

It's easier to remember the full phrase than a truncated version.

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