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Recognize your own problematic coping mechanisms and toxic behaviors and work on them.

At the same time, don’t beat yourself up on past mistakes.

I want to be with you for you, the fact you have an illness doesn't bother me in the slightest. Tell me more."So, for two hours, I told him everything.

I told him how I had been diagnosed at 16 with bipolar affective disorder and how it may run in my family.

In my experience, one of the most frustrating challenges about living with a mental illness is that the seemingly small things in life are often the most difficult. or just “I’d see things on dating profiles like ‘no crazy chicks haha’ or ‘if you have bipolar swipe left, no offense, just a preference,’” said Naomi Elise Hall of Fort Wayne, IN.

According to the mental health charity, Mind, 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year.

In England alone, 1 in 6 people report experiencing depression or anxiety every single week.

We all go through them.”There is no fail-proof, universal way to handle hard moments, but you can prepare yourself by realistically thinking about what you, and whoever you are interested in, can do to prepare and face them together. Are we both committed to having a relationship not in spite of, but informed by, my/our/your mental illness?

Are we able to communicate about our mental health and needs in a healthy way? While we strive to give what we can to the relationship, it is not always going to be perfectly balanced, and that is okay — as long as we are aware of it and address it with responsibility and love to our partners.

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