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Downward breakouts outperformed in the 1990s compared to more recent decades.The figure on the right shows an example of a broadening top chart pattern.We may use cookies, pixel tags, Local Shared Objects (sometimes referred to as “Flash Cookies”), and other technologies to automatically collect Usage Information as described below.

At least five touches total, three peaks or three valleys should touch the associated trend line with two or more touches of the other trendline.Upward breakouts do best when the breakout price is anywhere except in the lowest third of the yearly price range.Downward breakouts show the reverse, with the best performers having breakouts within a third of the yearly low.Ideally, the second of three touches will touch (instead of coming 'close' to) the trendline.This avoids the identification problem where price forms an up-sloping channel with an upward spike at pattern's end.

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