Mastery with women and dating

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Let me repeat: Your problem is NOT your looks, height or money. As I tell my clients, “If women snooze, you lose.” This is GREAT news because you’re off the hook. So when you fix the REAL problem, you get an edge on almost ALL THE OTHER GUYS.Your problem is NOT that “dating apps just don’t work.” And the problem is NOT that you don’t know what to say on Tinder. To give you that dating edge, I created a step-by-step system that makes you magnetic to women—even if you’re not tall, rich or great-looking.

A boring, poor-performing profile lowers your score, and the algorithm stops showing you to the true stunners.

A boring profile is the enemy of online-dating results.

You MUST stand out to capture women’s attention because they’re inundated with hundreds of digital come-ons every week.

HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL GET AT THIS 1-DAY EVENT: A total makeover of your Tinder profile to get you at least 10 matches per day, every day A field-tested system to get you up to 3 dates per week with beautiful women My devious Tinder-algorithm hacks that attract perfect 10s No less than 47 copy-and-paste openers that make girls want to write you back The “7 Super Secrets” for results on ALL the apps—Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid and more The caption to write on your photo that doubles your matches A 5-minute mindset exercise to build towering confidence My “10 Texting Commandments” to get girls out on dates A step-by-step roadmap to make her your girlfriend Now, you may be thinking, “Connell, this sounds amazing, but online dating has never worked for me.

And I don’t know what to say on Tinder.” That’s what my client Kevin said.

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