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You have fixed the date of the Mahabharata by the same method. With this interdisciplinary cooperation we can definitely fix the Date of the Mahabharata War. A few have used astronomical methods to determine the time of the Mahabharata. Stood first in ‘London Chamber of Commerce’ examination (1946) as well as in the Intermediate Drawing examination (1946). The second Astral Travel to the Mars was done on 12 th August 1976 to see the docking of Viking 1 and Viking 2. 1 8 points were published out of which 10 were corroborated, two years later by Voyager in 1979. At present Rainy Season starts in India in Jyestha Masa but Kalidasa describes the onset of the Rainy season in Asadha Masa.

In the absence of any other method it may be incontrovertible and convincing too. • Not being conversant with astronomy, I am interested in your findings. Historians and Sanskrit Scholars are requested to examine the historical aspect. Various methods have been used, using historical references in the puranas, language conditions, archeaological findings etc. Education : first class with distinction throughout school and college. The report with 21 points was kept published out of which 20 points got full corroboration by the spaceship Viking 1 in July 1976, while the 21 st point about ancient water and moss on the Mars was tallied by the Pathfinder in 1997. Third Astral Travel was done to the planet Jupiter on 27 lh August 1 977. Hence due to the precession the Rtus shift back on the Lunar months at the rate of one month in (30x72=) 2160 years.

There is a definite mathematics behind the rotations of the Planets. 21 The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War SRIMAD BHAGAWATA a) Bhagawata (9-22-35 onwards) 9 gives a list of future Emperors and not of ordinary kings. “From Ksemaka the Pandava Dynasty will end in Kaliyuga, and Magadha Dynasty will start.' 1 This is the quotation from Bhagawata 9-22-45. 'Pandava Dynasty will end in Kaliyuga.’ This shows that these 28 Pandava Kings were prior to the Kaliyuga, i.e. So we can find out that 28 Kaurava kings have ruled for 1 273 years and then Magadha Dynasty started with king Sahadeva, whose son was Somapi. Kartika 1823 Ram Samvat The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War IMPORTANT DATES FROM THE FOREST LIFE We have seen that the forest life started on 4th Sept.5574 BC. By the modern calendar the date, 13th months hence, would be 4 th October 5573 BC. After completion of twelve years Pandawas should have gone underground; but in Ghosa Yatra incident they came forward openly, to help Kauravas. This statement 80 The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War clearly shows that 12 years were not yet completed, only eleven years had been completed then. Pandavas entered Dwaita Vana and stayed there for 1 year and 8 months 127 (Bhandarkar Vana 244/1 2).

We have printed other well studied research paper on the Date of the Rama-Ravana War and the Vedic Chronology, written by Dr. It has mentioned the evening of Dwapara Yuga (Adi 2/1 3 s , Vana 149-39 6 , Salya 7 60-25). 8 Thus the assumption was wrong so the date is wrong. Apte of Gwalior to calculate and find the Planetary positions on 3101 BC. Apte sent him the calculated planetary positions which did not tally with the planetary positions mentioned by Vyasa in the Mahabharata, so he labelled that Vyasa has written the planetary positions ignorantly, without knowledge of Astronomy. You cannot arbitrarily take any date and try to correlate planetary positions with it. From this we can calculate 5451 years for 138 generations. This Bacchus may be the famous Bakasura who was killed by Bhimsena. Thus we see that the Mahabharata period ranges from 5334 BC to 6700 BC. It gives 28 Kaurava Kings from Pariksit to Ksemaka. 10 Here it has given the average of 1 000 years for 22 kings. These are lunar months and not solar months like modern calendar. This is the experience in September and we have derived the month of September above. Four years 112 passed after this according to Vana 158. The reason is that after this incident there happened the famous event of the Ghosa Yatra. Dharmaraja replied ’’According to my oath, we will complete 1 2 years in forest and one year underground and then only we will be in your hands” (Bhandarkar Vana 180/38) 126 .

The agreement cannot be by chance and so it is reasonable to argue that the date of the Mahabharata war is 16th October 5561 Years B. I am unable to say if all the references (astronomical) have been taken into account. Additional efforts will have to be put in by calculating the positions of the planets at some other times and verifying the method used. Vartak had already calculated the positions of the planets for a known date in the past and got confirmation from the past records. Vartak has provided an astronomical map which is printed on the cover, which will be useful for readers to refer to for understanding the subject. People of Mumbai confered an Honorable degree of ‘ Brahmarsi ‘ on 25-4-1993 in the hall of Raja Shivaji High school in Hindu Colony, Dadar, Mumbai 28, at the hands of Shri Sudheer Phadke, a renowned musician, along with Shri. Has received ‘Fellowship of United Writers’ Association of India’ during September 2000. 8 The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War THE SCIENTIFIC DATING OF THE MAHABHARATA WAR CONTENTS 1. Here it is very important to note that these seasonal months were used and the Lunar months were also used, right from the Taittiriya Samhita, but they were not the same.

These positions agree with those given in the Mahabharata text. Of course, it is presumed that the astronomical references are genuine and do refer to the incident mentioned in the text of the Mahabharata. It has been shown' that the other dates are inconsistent with the references. Therefore the Veda Vidnyana Mandal feels proud to publish the second edition of Dr. Because the whole research paper is based mainly on Astronomy, Dr. Both at Vartak Ashram, 497 Shaniwar Peth, Pune 41 1 030. During the All World Rigveda Conference held at Vile Parle, Mumbai, honoured by confering a degree Samaja Bhoosana’ on 29 Dec. The Brahmin Sabha, Girgaon, Mumbai awarded Sraddhananda' on 1 7 June 2004, for the great work done about Indian Culture and Science. From this we can find out the period when a particular thing happened. (Taittiriya samhita 4-4-11 ) These seasonal months match exactly with the modern scientific months and are fixed to the Sun’s position in relation to the Earth.

The Veda Vidnyana Mandala, Pune, The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War FOREWORD Dr. He has written and published 1 2 books in Marathi and four books in English and has earned a reputation as the original thinker and researcher having clear and open mind . Vartak is our closest and dearest friend we feel that it will not be proper for us to write a formal foreword, so we print here two of the letters from experts. When' the subject is thrashed out by competent astronomical authorities, the historians’ attention may be drawn to it and may be considered for acceptance. This has been done by -considering the references from the view-point of consistency. The seasonal references to various incident^ in the Mahabharata are investigated and they also agree with calculations of the exact dates during the period mentioned. [3] The Scientific Explanation of the Upanishads, two volumes, (4) Patanjala Yoga and (5) the Geeta. [8] Jesus 7 The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War Christ was a Hindu Tamil Brahmin. [16] Jesus the Christ was a Hindu, published by Vedic Science, Delhi. V.episodes on DD1 , 3 on DD2, Cable TV Mayaboli, Cable TV [Mumbai]on Bheema [in Hindi & Marathi], Christ and Bajirao the Great. All India Radio - many lectures are given from Pune, Mumbai, Alahabad, Ratnagiri. Still helping the people by the Spiritual as well as the medical knowledge. Multiplying 9 by 960 we see that 8640 years ago the Ramayana happened.

He is our most active research worker doing research in Ancient Indian Science and Culture since 1 956. 3 The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War As historians are not the competent authority to judge the veracity of your paper, may I advise you to give wider publicity to your articles in the standard astronomical journals of India and abroad after modifying the titles of your articles so as to give them astronomical instead of historical look, so that you may receive authoritative and worthwhile comments of some notable scholar of astronomy on your method and calculations. in the various constellations are finalised by properly understanding the distribution in the Sayan and Nirayan systems. [2] Vastava Ramayana narrating true history of Rama, fixing dates of almost 50 incidents with the help of Astronomical mathematics. [1 5]Scientific Knowledge in the Upanishads and Geeta is handed over to Hinduja Foundation, Delhi for publication. In other words on 22nd June at the Summer solstice the Sun was residing in Chitra Naksatra during the Ramayana era. The Sun at Summer solstice has shifted by nine Naksatras from Chitra to Ardra.

(21st March and 23rd September} These are the vernal and autumnal equinoxes. The sages were keen enough to note down the position of the Sun at the cardinal points of the Equinoxes or Solstices. First Edition : 1989 Second Revised Edition Vyasa Pournima 2nd July 2004 Cover design : Dr. For the last century scholars are working on this subject, but there is no conclusion yet. Members of Executive Committee Veda Vidnyana Mandal, 497 Shaniwar Peth, Pune - 411030. Lunar year is of 354.367 days while the solar year is of 365.256 days. Due to this deficit in a period of five years, they noticed the change in a season by two lunar months. (Lit.) [ Washington DC]) 521 , Shaniwar Peth, Pune - 411 030, India. Vartak Cover page 4 shows the Constellation of Rohini bisected by the Saturn, as was happened during the Mahabharataera. It is a great challenge to the historians and Sanskrta scholars to fix the date of the Mahabharata War. All in all, it is possible to state that the dates as derived by Dr. They have been prejudiced against the richness of the Indian Civilization in the past and have always tried to attribute much later dates and consequently to denigrate the glorious past of India. vartak's date of the Mahabharata war and his method. But if we see the principle we can immediately under- stand that the seasonal months are quite different from the lunar months. 18 The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War The sages had noticed that the lunar year was shorter than the solar year by 1 0 days. The Greek Ambassador Megasthenis has recorded that 1 38 generations have passed between Krsna and Chandragupta Maurya. But the Bhagawata12/1/2-4 mentions that Puranjaya will be the last king, who will be killed by his minister Sunaka. Let us calculate the period for 64 Kings from the data that 74 kings ruled for 2871 years. Hence 324 5367 = 5691 years BC is the date of Pariksit. 128 This proves that Pandavas had not gone underground at this time and hence 12 years were not completed then. We have seen that Pandavas entered Kamyaka Vana on 10th March 5562 BC. (Vana 312) Nakula climbed on a tree and found a pond. Before going to the Astronomical part let us see, by other evidences, how old is the Mahabharata. All the historians give importance to the writings of Greek people. c) Ripunjaya is the last king in the list of 22 Magadhas. e) We find here only 74 Kings but Megasthenis tells about 1 38 Kings. These may be from the period of Ripunjaya to Puranjaya. This is before Chandragupta, who came to the throne in 324 years BC. Dussasana sent one messenger to invite Pandavas for that Vaisnava Yajna, but Yudhisthira told him to convey the message that they could not come before the completion of the 13th year as per the oath. In the same month Jayadratha abducted Droupadi but Bhima rescued her. Still later, on one day Pandavas became very much thirsty. Rgveda Katika iyestha ‘ | Purva Bhadrapada ■22760 B. : \% II fllnw czn^r vig^^wilci moii Viqi RTO ^Irff^vncfl^Hi OTt ■Hpl^fcl MM R^Jc T ^TTS Rm Hc^OTc T I vjclrt^l fil MI MI^HI^R^ ftf Sr II? 113^11 #MT c TT *TFfeft*rf cf T JTSTT^ I Mcf c RT^IT % c T^n 1 1 ^ 1 1 •iciifcisftcft H jc^M: q^icol MFfcf MKd I d^-Hld Ql iilvjt^lci m)®ii c ZRT^J ^ • TTMMT: STSTTc TT: moll c Jqmi x Ml H^sf^T... f Wf S F $^HIii6i Hk4l 1 qf^til ft M^ici KH^i^Rfciich^: ir$ii 105 3TFten?

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