Lichenometric dating single christians and dating

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' delivers an unprecedented, in-depth critique of the cumulative problems associated with the development and application of lichenometric dating techniques over the past 65 years.Their stated goal is to appraise the validity of numerical ages derived from lichen measurements, but in doing so, they present a broader, systematic deconstruction of current lichenometric dating practices by emphasizing the unreliable, incomparable, and irreproducible results published by many studies. revisit a few examples where some scientific rigor has been applied to the methodology, but overall, they cast doubt on the usefulness of any lichenometric analysis by revealing a global failure to avoid poor techniques and outcomes, heedless of the caveats stated in past literature.

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Lichenometric dating in southeast Iceland: The size- frequency approach Article in Geografiska Annaler Series A Physical Geography 86(1):31 - 41 · May 2004 with 89 Reads DOI: 10.1111/j.0435-3676 .zyxwvutsrqpo zyxwvutsrqpon BOREAS 12 (1983) Conclusions References Lichenornetric dating 199 (1) Lichenometry appears to be applicable to Ahlmann, H. 1937: Previous investi- zyxwvuts gations of Vatnajokull, marginal oscillations of its outlet- dating glacial deposits in southeast Iceland at glaciers, and general description of its morphology.

This paper presents a calibrated dating curve based on the gradient of the size‐frequency distribution of yellow‐green Rhizocarpon lichens.

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