K9 sex meeting sites

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(click here to read it as K9 Sex Club Confessions).

As soon as we ended the conversation I clicked on the link she sent me and read her K9 Sex Club confession.

I filled a large plastic tub with water in my back yard and got Brute lathered up to clean him.

FYI: on the one side of my house was a vacant house and my neighbors on the other side were almost never home, so I had a lot of privacy.

To cut a long story short, I told Eva that I enjoy rough sex and once had a cock in every hole with each guy trying to outdo the other, it was amazing.

After hearing it I knew it would be a great story to share at our meetings and on ANIMALSEXFUN so Eva and I called her and asked her permission to which she agreed.I jogged every day and took many walks on my own as a way to unwind and enjoy the fresh air.During my walks I often saw a stray brute of a dog and avoided him, but eventually I came to realize that he was a sweetie and would give him a pat on the head while he followed me on my walks.Eva and I weren’t best friends at school but we got on well enough and since we all parted she is one of the few people I still keep in contact with from those days.We usually email each other, chat over Facebook or Skype and are better friends now than we were in high school.

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