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There are several concepts in sports management that can identify the level of loyalty from a sponsor towards Heracles Almelo and in general professional sporting organisations.Relationship Marketing is one of the key strategic issues for the managers of Heracles Almelo for establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with their sponsors. (Patrick) Bliek Department: Nikos Company information Heracles Almelo Stadionlaan JL Almelo Supervisors Martijn van der Lee & Rob Toussaint 2 Preface For more than three months I have worked at Heracles Almelo where I have conducted a research in relationship marketing in sports.Secondly, I want to thank all those Sponsors of Heracles Almelo who were willing to provide me with data and information about their perspective of their Sponsorship towards Heracles Almelo.

Gingko Press published the 160-page Drawing Attention exhibit catalog.

Keywords: Relationship Marketing, Sport, Retention, Loyalty, Sponsors, Soccer club, Business to Business context (B2B) 4 Table of contents 1.

Introduction Heracles Almelo - Company Background Vision Heracles Almelo Core business Focus on specific stakeholders of Heracles Almelo Sponsorship structure Heracles Almelo Thesis overview The main focus of this Thesis Problem analysis Problem Situation at Heracles Almelo Problem analysis Research Questions Theoretical Framework Defining relationship marketing From a transactional Marketing approach to Relationship Marketing impact of relationship marketing on customer loyalty Benefits and limitations of relationship marketing Important factors for successful relationships in sports-sponsorship Five behavioural components of relationship marketing Trust Communication Bonding Satisfaction Commitment Customer demographic variables in relationship marketing Methodology Research Design Research Strategy Data collection Respondents 4.5 Interviews Procedures and treatment of the Qualitative and quantitative data Ethical Issues Findings & Discussion Key storylines related to the relationship marketing concepts Trust Bonding Commitment Communication Satisfaction Influence of the demographic variables Company size Education level Duration of Sponsorship Type of Loyalty Weighting factor for relationship marketing concepts Weighting factor for relationship marketing concepts Optimal Relationship Discussion & Limitations Conclusion & Recommendations Conclusion Trust Bonding Commitment Communication Satisfaction Concluding remarks Recommendations for Heracles Almelo Managerial Implications Direction for further research Bibliography Appendix A - Sponsors overview Appendix B - Income distribution 1.

A side from that key-concepts are discussed where the focus of Heracles Almelo should be in order to retain a good relationship with their sponsors..

This thesis provides descriptive evidence of the relationship marketing orientation on customer; sponsorship loyalty.

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