Iphone podcast stuck on updating library

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Being able to download podcasts in the background is especially useful if you have unlimited mobile data and are not used to downloading podcasts before you leave your house.With Downcast, you can just leave the download to continue in the background and use your phone or tablet as you would normally.Its clear user interface makes it especially suitable for people who like apps that don’t require any learning to understand how they work.

Pocket Casts is likely the most popular podcast app for mobile devices, and it also deserves its title of the best podcast app for Android and i OS.Unlike the above-mentioned podcast apps, Stitcher is an on-demand Internet radio service first and an excellent podcast app second.But just because podcasts aren’t Stitcher’s top priority doesn’t mean that the app doesn’t deserve its place on this list of the best podcast apps for Android and i OS devices—far from it.Downcast supports Chromecast, so you can listen to your favorite podcasts on a number of devices, including high-definition television or home audio systems.While nobody can accuse Downcast of not having enough features and customization options, the app could use more polish as it’s starting to feel rather dated compared to the likes of Overcast and others.

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