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In 13 to 17 knots, raise the board 1.5 inches to make the boat easier to plane upwind.

In 18 knots, raise the board 3 inches so the leading edge is perpendicular to the keel line.

DOCR Mission Statement: Our Mission is to enhance public safety, to reduce the risk of future criminal behavior by holding adult and juvenile individuals accountable, and to provide opportunities for change.

Centerboard Position The pivot bolt should be placed in the maximum aft and at the maximum lowest point per the class rules.

The bottom leading edge of the board should be 6 inches forward of perpendicular to the keel line, max down, up to 12 knots of wind.

Stevens, Chairman/President/CEO Home Federal Bank 2004 – Larry Johnston, Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer, Albertsons, Inc. Hanks, President, Washington Group International 2000 – Pat Mc Murray, CEO and President, Wells Fargo Bank 1999 – William P.

Luke’s Health Systems 2009 – Anthony Olbrich, Regional President, US Bank 2008 – Joel Hickman, District President, Key Bank 2007 – Mike Mooney, President of Farmers & Merchants Bank 2006 – Ray Flachbart, President & CEO, Blue Cross of Idaho 2005 – Daniel L.

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