How to look intimidating

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This gives you an air of confidence like nothing else.If you are married and your husband or wife will be escorting you to these social events make sure that you both aim to be the best dressed and most well groomed in the room.I would avoid being overly sexy too it will undermine your authority.

You want to get the point across that you will not tolerate certain things but not that you are going to be a dictator who will not bend.Natural but immaculate makeup, perfect nails and hair up in a tidy style. Tailored suit (jacket plus dress, trousers, pencil skirt) and good jewellery. I would be raising an eyebrow if someone turned up to a meeting with me with vamped up makeup and boobs on show. Black suit, traditional cut, knee length (give or take). Shirt that looks like a man's shirt, or a shell (maybe in taupe or some other non-eye catching neutral). Think Margaret Thatcher, but not such bright colours (she needed to stand out for the cameras, you don't) and without the pussycat bows, or Hillary Clinton/Angela Merkel if you prefer trousers. Like a very stylish brooch on an ultra plain suit... Says you haven't done more than a man, and don't need to. Do not attempt to explain your reasoning for any of the rules or guidelines you set forth for your employees, children or any other group of people in which you have been given some sort of authority over.Obviously, it should go without saying that none of the things you demand of the people you are in authority over should be unreasonable or cruel.

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