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A few minutes later she stood up to clean herself, just as the baby awoke.

Too bad we had to put our fun on hold for a while to feed the baby and put her to bed.

But, of course one the baby was asleep, our fun continued. to watch the infant, or forgot to mention them as you "..out the door".

The items in this dimension reflect elements of self-confidence in both private and public contexts.

"Baby I will rub you anywhere you want." No response for a few minutes, until I received another picture.

We kissed passionately, her arms around my neck and my hands running over her ass, hips and making their way to her breasts. I look down slightly, and I notice she has one hand inside her sweater, down the front of her tank and she is rubbing her breast. I quickly adjusted the rear view mirror so I could look up and watch her. She rubbed me through my jeans, and then started to reach inside for the dick she had been wanting for hours. I quickly reached down, and with one hand I undid my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans to free my aching cock. I had to do all I could to keep myself from cumming. "We should have about an hour before she's hungry," I said. But that didn't stop us from enjoying each other in other ways.

I figured it was from my wife, probably a picture of the girls. In one hand she held the phone, the other was playing with the exposed tit. I unbuttoned my jeans and my cock immediately sprang out. I'll be home as soon as I can." After that she had to get back to the baby. She was still wearing the tank top from the earlier picture. We quickly gathered up the girls and made our way to the car. Once we were all in the car I started to drive home. We pulled in the driveway and straightened ourselves up. I went upstairs and put the older one to bed, while the baby was asleep in the carrier.

At the time of this story she has a little extra baby weight, and her lovely breasts are slightly larger than normal. I was at work, and she was home with our four year old daughter and our new six week old daughter. When I returned I saw on my phone that I had a picture message. She was wearing a tank top, and she had one of the straps slid down, and one of her lovely breasts out. If you take me out to dinner tonight, I will blow your dick off." I stood there, just staring at her picture, re reading what she wrote and immediately my cock grew to full attention. I put my phone in my pocket and made my way to the men's room. I locked myself in the stall and took out my phone. All I could do was text her back, "Baby I will touch you everywhere. "Just the check, please." I paid the check as soon as she brought it.

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