Hinduism and inter racial dating

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Caste System has been the bane of Hindu society for centuries.

In terms of impact, it did much greater damage for a much longer period to a great many people than the slave system of the western world or the witch-hunting practices of medieval Europe.

The four main castes recognized by traditional Hindu society based primarily on hereditary occupation are mentioned below.

This line of thought was perpetuated by Vedic scholars for centuries through the authority of scriptures and fear of divine retribution.The force of tradition, superstition, religious beliefs, fear of punishment also played an important role in its success. The Rigvedic people came to the Indian subcontinent as priestly families, not as warriors.They won over the subcontinent not through the power of sword as some historians want us to believe but through their superior skill in debate and magical ritualism which they used to gain royal patronage of the local kings.With the support of some native kings whom they won over to their side and who probably had some racial affinity with them, by cleverly adopting many local customs and traditions that would make them acceptable in the eyes of the native people, with their special abilities in using magical incantations and elaborate sacrifices to summon rains or prevent floods or defeat the enemies or drive away thieving hostile tribes, diseases and pestilence, they established their social, political and economic power and spread their influence gradually to the four corners of the Indian subcontinent.The Vedic priests did not bring with them the caste system.

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