Goldfish speed dating

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It’s just common courtesy, but it goes a long way to making everyone feel welcome.

While no one emailed me about food allergies, I still had fruit, gluten-free cookies and chocolate, in addition to the dozen (Dunkin’) doughnuts, two muffins and a cinnamon role, so that there were options for everyone.

As I planned this event, I relied heavily upon this librarian’s site.

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I’ll be serving up huge helpings of coffee, tea, cookies, doughnuts*—and friendship!

(I think new places are great partners because they’re still trying to generate buzz around their new venture, and they want to develop relationships with the community.) I will definitely be giving them a ring for my next event!

For friend speed dating in particular, make sure it’s a place that’s relatively quiet and large enough to accommodate a big group.

In case of an odd number of people, I had a “craft station” where folks could either draw or write letters. I just filled in to make it an even number until the latecomers showed up.

(Note: If you do decide to fill in, make sure you rotate like everyone else!

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