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No longer did we have to travel to a safe space to meet potential boyfriends, friends, or sidepieces.

No longer did we have to deal with the intimidation that comes with entering new territory or spending money on cocktails for someone you might not even end up taking home.

Check out what I had to say about the 7 #signs you're with the #right person even though you have #secondthoughts! Die Webseite macht in den Meta Daten keine Angaben zur Aufnahme ihrer Inhalte in Suchmaschinen.Daher werden die Inhalte von Suchmaschinen erfasst.“There was already a lack of support and disloyalty present within the community which social media has only intensified.” Duval went on to describe how even during his busiest nights, there is an awkward level of self-imposed isolation present which he attributes to a lack of confidence created and enabled by the digital promotion of perfection which pushes users to stay at home unless going out in groups, “People do not need to come out to a bar to meet anyone anymore.There is an overwhelming amount of digital options available that permit users to effortlessly meet or hook up with someone without having to leave their homes to socialize, impress, and interact.” While Duval firmly believes the social media takeover of the dating game has irrefutably dismantled the concept of gay safe havens, Kelly Martin, marketing & event coordinator of Paradise in Asbury Park, feels otherwise; “We as a community are closer now because of social media which has helped unite us as made evident when marriage equality was legalized nationally in 2015 and the outpouring of support received when the Orlando nightclub massacre took place in 2016.” The topic may be relative after all or merely dependent upon how successfully an entity monopolizes social media, as Paradise has had the opposite experience, “Facebook has helped us reach more people and introduce us to the younger generation especially those approaching 21.

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