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Cumulus is also in development and licenced under GNU licence, and Cumulus wish to remind us .

Cumulus seems to suggest we need a 'Cirrus key' - this needs clarification. From Cumulus on Github Theoretically you don't have to choose between them, you can load in the path to the services allowing you to switch services, for instance if Adobe change the player and it breaks Cumulus you could switch over ( ).

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Cumulus is C based and is cross platform, but probably requires you compile it on the server, most of the heavy work of Cumulus is done by Poco and it is important to get the correct version of Poco for the project to compile.

With the increase in popularity of Peer to Peer (P2P) networks it has also become one of the medium for spreading of viruses, spywares, ad ware, malware through file sharing applications.

Users are seeking for clean, safe, fastest and best some of them also work on MAC OS and Linux too.

Since flash player 10.1 flashplayer has included the capability to provide direct Flash Player to Flash Player streaming between Flash Player nodes ( a signing server is also needed, more on that later ).

In practical terms this means you can broadcast video to a large online meeting without requiring large server capacity, and also easily setup IRC style chat rooms, and perhaps video carousel's to collect all the worst types online together!

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