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This uses AMF3 - configure that when installing a script (settings.php/parameters/settings).Make sure you're using latest JDK as older versions will not work. Archiving Videos For archiving streams broadcast with flash applications, default container in Step 2.Using something like "localhost" when you install locally or an intranet IP will only allow you to test (others will not be able to access).You must fill this setting in a file or form depending on edition: each edition has a page on this website with detailed instructions (browse the left menu - i.e.Test your rtmp address with the Video Whisper RTMP Tester .

Use videowhisper / videowhisper-live application for live streaming, videowhisper-chat for chat projects and videowhisper-recorder for video recording projects. This was developed and tested with Wowza Media Server, Wowza Streaming Engine. Whether you are messing with strangers on Omegle or Chatroulette or having a good time with friends on Skype, Face Rig works with just about everything.This page contains information about setting up the RTMP application.There is a special archive you must download separately, for the rtmp server type you'll be using.Video Whisper currently comes in rtmp applications versions for 3 types of rtmp servers: Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server, Red5, Wowza. Copy contents of zip (see Step1) file to your Wowza installation folder.

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