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This is usually because you are waiting on a paycheck.

It could be to cover rent, or pay a vendor for a service, or even simply a personal check to a friend or family member.

If this happens, there’s usually a few fees that are levied, such as an insufficient funds or overdraft fee (and sometimes both), and on the payee’s end, there may be a bounced check fee.

Banks will often try to collect this from the writer, if possible.

You should clear it with your bank and your payee before writing a postdated check — check your state’s laws and your bank or credit union’s policy before writing a postdated check.

Ask the cashier, or better yet a manager, if writing a postdated check would be an acceptable form of payment.

Unfortunately, this is not always honored by banks or the organization cashing the check.

First, let’s look at why you would want to postdate a check.

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Only rely on postdated checks if it is a last resort, and you do not have the funds available, and the payee is unwilling to work with you on when they receive the payment, as they might see holding a check as an escrow situation.In order to prevent your check from being cashed or deposited until the future date, call your bank and (1) identify yourself; (2) identify your account; (3) identify the check number, date, and amount; (4) identity the person the check was made out to; and (5) request that the check not be cashed or deposited until the date listed. Under Wisconsin law, your oral notice to the bank will be effective for fourteen (14) days; however, written notice is effective for six (6) months. Instead of writing today’s date on the check, you write in a future date.Because it’s postdated, it’s a courtesy to cash it at the writer’s bank. If you don’t need the money immediately, this is another courtesy to the writer, and can help keep trust between you and the writer.You can try to cash a postdated check early, but it may or may not work.

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