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We promote all of our auctions here at in other media including our award winning color brochures. Whether it is an estate in Fort Collins that needs to be removed today, a home in Boulder that must be sold in 30 days or a Greeley business liquidation in 60 days, we make it happen.

People attend our live and online auctions from this region and the entire world. We can conduct your auction on site or in our over 20,000 square foot Eaton Auction Center.

Most of our auctions feature online bidding at our regional internet auction marketplace.The two of you agree on a price, you get the money, he gets the furniture. Now, the disadvantage: As you know from the formula: Fastest Easiest = Least Money. The dealer does a mental appraisal of the lot with an eye toward costs for storing and advertising.He must also take into account the fact that some pieces probably won’t sell.The auction house picks up your merchandise, takes it to an auction house, sells it and you receive a check. Other auction houses will provide transportation and packing services but expect to pay higher commissions for these extras. You may have to wait for months till the auction house gets enough “lots” to make a sale worthwhile.If you want fast response and the right money, then choose an estate liquidation company for an on-site “Tag Sale”. The time involved is about two weeks from initial contact.

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