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Make sure to read the description of said profiles before deciding to migrate to one of them.Most architectures now also default to the 2.6 kernel tree where 2.4 was chosen previously.The files in the parent directories are part of the profile as well (and are therefore shared by different subprofiles). Profiles obsoleted by new ones are kept in is put in the profile directory.The content of this file is the name of the profile that should be "upgraded to"; Portage uses this information to automatically warn administrators when they should update to a new profile.A recurring question about the Gentoo release process is: "Why roll out new releases frequently, if they are not intended to let users update software?" There are various reasons: When a release includes new incompatible features, or provides a set of core packages and settings that deeply modify the behavior of the system, we say that it provides a new profile.

With the introduction of 2005.0, several architectures have decided to define additional profiles.To upgrade such systems, a recent stage3 can be used to update the system.Instructions for that are given in the Updating old systems section. For this to work, a Unicode locale for the system must be created.However, no distribution is more suited than Gentoo to satisfy these kind of demanding users.From the beginning, Gentoo was designed around the concept of fast, incremental updates.

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