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Her care would forever change the way hospitals treated patients.Most consider Nightingale the founder of modern nursing."There's a new attitude in medicine where patients want to feel like their doctor is their friend," she said. They don't want to feel like their doctor was there for two minutes and didn't even look at them and had one hand on the doorknob the whole time." Notices about Doc Shop, the brainchild of a hospital marketing specialist, are sent to e-mail addresses in the hospital's database, posted on its Facebook and Twitter accounts, and showcased on fliers posted at Fort Worth businesses.Four sessions have been held since last fall with OB-GYNs.

If I were a young doctor, I would probably be open to this." Physicians who've attended Doc Shop events say they're worth it, if only to break the ice earlier with a new patient.She talked to a pregnant teenager and the girl's family who had not yet found a doctor they trusted.An older woman wanted to discuss her family's history of cancer and hear what Guinn knew about the latest treatments."I want a doctor who is up on all the new studies," said Ann Williams, a 52-year-old mother of three girls ages 18 to 22.She attended a session to find a doctor for herself and them.

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