Doctor dating russia

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When you arrive in Moscow, or another city of choice, you;ll need to register with a Russian doctor.

This guide gives you an idea of where to start with accessing the Russian healthcare system.

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You can search for private doctors and specialists in Russia on websites such as the European Medical Center and the American Medical Center.Residents are free to register with a Russian doctor of their choosing, although you will need to check first that the doctor provides state-funded healthcare if you want to use the free public healthcare service.If you want to find a recommended doctor in Russia, you can do so through personal recommendation or through your national embassy.If you are living in Moscow, you can register online with a doctor in Moscow at one of the polyclinics here.If you are a non-resident or visitor to Russia not eligible for state-funded health cover, you will need to take out private health insurance unless your country has a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Russia.

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