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You don't know how it's going to go," says Adam Diamond, 29, a movie trailer editor in Los Angeles.

The data illustrate just how much mobile technology has altered dating behavior, communication and expectations for romance.•One in four say an hour is the longest acceptable response time to a text to someone you are dating or interested in dating; one in 10 expect a response instantly or within a few minutes.•More men (44%) than women (37%) say mobile devices make it easier to flirt and get acquainted."Texting is kind of an ongoing conversation.

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They've grown up with group activities and are more comfortable in packs.Dean, a Millennial who writes about her generation — generally born 1982 to 2000 — says, "We really see this generation as having a huge handicap in communication.We don't know how to express our emotions, and we tend to hide behind technology, computers and social media."People are uncomfortable using the phone.First dates are largely a chemistry check anyway, and to many young adults, the one-on-one time spent on an actual date feels too much like a commitment."If you're sitting down for a dinner date, that's putting way too much time out there for a first date.Experts say it should be no surprise they're treating their romantic relationships in much the same way — not wanting to invest too much time or effort in case they don't click.

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