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Singing a touch of the boo thang @mnek 's "Wrote A Song About You"....

Every time I go to a vocal lesson I'm coming straight from the gym.

Jo Jo was hosting the show when they encountered each other.

After their first meeting, they started to get along really well and eventually started dating.

However, last year, E-news reportedly claimed that Jo Jo revealed that she's pregnant!!

Jo Jo, who shot to the top of the Billboard charts at the age of 13 with her debut track "Get Out (Leave)", released her first new single in nine years in April titled Gettin' the chords warm w @steviemackey today...

The young and talented singer who beat the Billboard Pop Songs chart with her debut album "Leave(Get Out)", Joanna Levesque, popularly known as "Jo Jo" has surely established herself as a professional singer at such a young age.

After remaining single for more than three years, Jo Jo started dating music producer Jeremiah in 2009.

As per our sources, Jo Jo is not dating anyone and is currently single.

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