Dating your vox ac30

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At less than 21 inches wide and about 16 inches tall, it’s compact, and at just over 12 pounds it’s easy to tote around.

I have to hit the ground running tomorrow, I've fallin' way behind. I can go to GC in the morning and pick up a reasonable ribbon mic.

I'd love to know when it was made as it has to be over 30 years old as i've had it about that time and it was used then. Any help would be awesome as i'm wondering if it's worth renovating and what items should be serviced/replaced etc..

It still works although it has had a busy life but unused for a while..

But it’s hard not to wonder if a more streamlined circuit would have sounded just a touch better and been less expensive.

A Jangly Little Thug Like a lot of great small amps, the AC10 evokes the youthful, exuberant rush of plugging straight in and turning up—way up—for the first time.

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