Dating site for teachers

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We want our new faculty to be happy, and we don't want our new faculty telling others that our university is a place where folks cannot develop long-term relationships.The likely reaction of my faculty would be to wish you luck.

Avoiding everyone in your university - which may be up to a third of the eligible population in town in terms of age - does not make sense IMO.

For any instructor, students-as-dating prospects must remain Please be aware of your role in your locale as a Professor.

But at the same time this should not prevent you from being involved socially.

So do students, doctors, engineers, lawyers, dental hygienists, and any other kind of person.

In other words, there is nothing about being a professor that disqualifies one from using dating apps (or that makes one a special kind of human being in any other way, contrary to what seems to be the popular belief on this site at least).

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