Dating ideas in london

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Not for the queasy or faint hearted, this free museum is simultaneously weird, wonderful and dark.Housing thousands preserved animals, skulls, surgical instruments and countless oddities which reveal the world surgery through history, neither you nor your date will probably have been anywhere quite like it. When: Sunday 0800-1500 A riot of floral colours and shapes which don’t need an Instagram filter or crafty angle to showcase their natural beauty! Luckily, London has a spectacular offering of free dating locations so you’ll never be stuck in your room for lack of an interesting venue to get to know your date better, or hang out with your significant other. When: Any Time A timeless date location since the 1800s you’ve got history on your side at the summit of this iconic London hill. Explore the gallery with your date and you might experience a thousand of hanging irses suspended in the air, be confronted by the startling curves of Alex Chinneck’s curled up pylon installation or whichever exciting piece of work fills the creative space.We’ve compiled an eclectic list of 20 free dating ideas to suit any couple from outdoor enthusiasts to museum aficionados. Spectacular sunrises, sunsets, city skylines and olden-days twinkling lamps are all up for grabs as you gaze into each other’s eyes. Once you’ve had your share of wonder, head out for a wander up and around leafy Greenwich Park.Where: The Bill Murray and The Camden Head, Islington, N1 8QN. Where: If you want a free date which combines faded grandeur with secluded paths and benches in pristine historic grounds this is the one for you. Where: NOW Gallery Greenwich Peninsula, SE10 0SQ When: Mon-Fri 1000-1900, Sat-Sun 11-1600 Unique and inspiring installations by designers, architects and artists are housed in this free Gallery tucked away in nearby Greenwich.This free dating location is the biggest exhibition of its kind featuring the best international talent showcasing exotic locations and artistic vision.Check out the skies in real time with Sky Map and seek out constellations with your date. When: 1200-2000 Cosy up in a booth with your date and pick a film out of the eclectic British Film Institute’s archive from historical footage of ‘Birthday Procession of a Maharajah’ (1904) to London Street Scenes – Trafalgar Square (1910) to London: The Modern Babylon (2012).

Perched on the top of the grassy Horniman gardens you can also admire the view while sharing a well earned homemade ice cream.

The hardest choice you’ll face strolling through the bustling flower market, which has been part of East London life since the 1800s, is picking out a glowing perennial or bold bouquet for your date. Majestic surroundings, the famous blue whale, diamonds and curiosities, whilst probably a feature of many Londoners halcyon childhood memories, provide an ideal free dating location where you can discover their spirit-animal, dream travel destination and favourite natural wonder.

Check out late night opening hours on Friday for an after work date. However, the city is hard to beat when it comes to the sheer number of free world class art exhibitions, bustling cultural events, musical and theatrical performances on offer.

From Soho sex shop classics to iconic movie pieces, the space oozes a combination of history, creative expression and childlike fun for you and your date to immerse yourselves in. A proper taste of the British countryside will make you feel like you’ve travelled hundreds of miles from our bustling metropolis, even though you only jumped off the overground in West London.

Keep your eyes peeled for the infamous Fenton, David Attenborough and herds of roving deer.

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