Dating during residency 40 year old men dating younger women

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And in retrospect, I should be grateful to those people rather than pissed off at everyone else. I think back then I lacked a certain maturity (another argument against 6 year MD/BS programs... In retrospect, I'm a little embarrassed by the way I reacted to certain "unfair" situations early in my residency.Also, I feel like I could have been a little (lot) less whiny. I still think the X-ray beam thing was really really wrong, but beyond that, I feel like I should have just sucked it up, realized that it was my choice to have a baby during residency, and been better at accepting my situation.I had one attending (a mother herself) who seemed baffled by why I didn't want to do it. She refused to do it for me and made me find another resident willing to do it.(And the first resident I asked was a total jerk about the whole thing, immediately asking what I'd do for him in return.)3) I had to start a new rotation during my last month of pregnancy (our rotations lasted several months).

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Notably, an email was sent out by the chief saying that nobody was allowed to take vacation while I was on maternity leave.

A lot of people seem to ask questions about whether it's "possible" to have a baby during residency. What you're really asking is: how much does it suck?

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had a laundry list of complaints about being pregnant during residency.

That meant the call cycle reset, so they tried to squeeze several months of call into that month for me.

And the rotation itself, while not one with long hours, was physically strenuous, involving walking all over a hospital that was several different buildings spread out over maybe half a mile.

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