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Well..poetry isn't any better than lustra's, so, I'll bypass rythmic descriptives here.

I must also bypass lustra's short & to the point analysis of this Nording blend because I don't quite agree with it.

Instead, my impressions are more in line with NEWMAN's regarding the surprising tobacco flavor I received despite the initial thought that I'd opened a box of Crackerjack when I popped the lid.

Other than the candycorn odor wafting from the tin, there were no surprises here.

After 4 good smokes, I would agree with those reviewers who found it to be a fine, yet unremarkable blend.

It does seem to benefit from a period of drying before smoking as it can be a bit harsh right out of the tin.

This blend reminds me of the Green Amphora (Rich Aroma) that I smoked for years before Sara Lee sold out their interest and restricted the import into the US.

It is my idea of a true Danish Cavendish that has been pressed, aged and then partially rubbed out. Although the compostion of Burley and VAs and the smoking characteristics are ~ to the old Amphoras (some blends now sold in the US as Skandinavik), the tin aroma and taste are different and also remind me of popcorn.

I don't mean 'open' to the air but the lid popped and then the plastic lid placed on the tin.

Not a bad blend, just not what I am looking for at the end of the day.

It stays lit well and I had no problems keeping it going. Who knows, it may be just what you are looking for, just wasn't for me.

I'm on my second tin of this tobacco and I'll be buying more for sure.

My wife loves the aroma and as long as I 'sip' and not puff I find it quite enjoyable.

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